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Koprulu (Köprülü) Canyon National Park is Turkey’s most popular watersports area. The national park is perfect for hiking, or to explore the ancient ruins, or just to enjoy the dramatic Mediterranean scenery. Koprulu Canyon National Park is at the middle of many natural beauties in a fertile valley. Koprulu Canyon continues for 14 km along with the Kopru River, reaching a maximum height of 400 m.

Koprulu Canyon National Park take place high in mountains, 96 km northeast in the province of Antalya. Northeast of Antalya on the Side road take the turn off for Tasagil and Beskonak (Beşkonak), for the beautiful circular, scenic route that leads to the National Park. The road crisscrosses over the clear, flowing water of the mountain river and passes through virgin forests and over rippling waterfalls. You will want to stop often and give your camera workout in this picturesque valley. At the rest area there are fish restaurants offering delicious selections. Mountaineers will be unable to resist climbing, exploring and camping in this rudged, scenic spot. Return to Antalya via the other half of the scenic route.

koprulu_kanyon_watersportsOluk Bridge on Kopru River and Bugrum Bridge on Kocadere Stream are noteworthy samples of Roman engineering. Oluk Bridge was built 27 m above the canyon by using stone blocks and overlapping technique. The bridge dates back to the 2nd century AD. Koprulu Canyon National Park has a rich flora including red pine, black pine, cedar, fir, oak varieties and wild olives. Koprulu Canyon National Park also hosts the largest cypress forest of Asia minör.

Selge Antique City and Bozburun Mountain are located within the limits of National Park. Oluk Bridge or Beskonak town is where the raftsmen get in the river for rafting in Kopru River. Village kind guest houses are available in the area. Koprulu Canyon is one of the longest canyons in Turkey.

Kopru River is famous with its salmon trouts. Cypress, cedar, red pine and black pine trees form the ecosystem of the area, and the Mediterranean cypress forest, at 400 hectares wide, is the most significant flora characteristic in Koprulu Canyon National Park. The Roman Oluk Bridge over the canyon and the Bugrum Bridge over the Kocadere stream were engineering feats of their time.

Nature photography, visiting archaeological sites, geological formations, going rafting beneath the historic Roman bridges in Koprulu Canyon, hiking and camping, rafting on Kopru River.

Both sides surrounded with steep and impossible hills, while underground sources feed Kopru River forming one of the most striking natural areas in Turkey. Rafting starts 100 m below Oluk Bridge where the river is calm and offers a side pocket. Amateurs row in the counter direction to familiarize themselves with the technique and arrive at the bridge.

Area Profile
Regional Office: 6th District (Burdur), Provinces: Antalya, Towns: Manavgat, Serik, Coverage Area: 35.719 Hectares, Coordinates: 37°11’30.91” N – 31°10’51.22” E, Height: 200 m.

Koprulu Canyon National Park, declared in 1973 as a national park, covers of 35.719 hectares. The park is in the mountains 49 km northeast of Antalya. Koprulu Kanyon National Park is in the Manavgat district of the Antalya province. The road along the coast from Antalya to Manavgat then passes through Tasagil and Beskonak. There is a management plan made in 1973 by the Turkish and American experts.

Koprulu Canyon
Koprulu Canyon MountainsKoprulu Canyon is a river suitable for rafting, starting at the town of Sutçuler (Sütçüler) of Isparta district, reaching the sea in Antalya. There are two historical bridges at the starting point of the part of the river suitable for rafting, the smaller one built by the master and the larger one by his headworker. Koprulu Canyon takes its name from these bridges, meaning ‘’the canyon with bridges’’. The water of this clean river supplying a chance for a raft for 7000 of people per day during the summer months is drinkable.

The natural beauty of the environment plays an important role in making it a popular summer resort. That is why, the canyon is a touristic place as well. The start of the Koprulu Canyon spring is at the Kasimlar municipality, south east of Isparta. The main stream of the river is made of a river flowing from the Aksu town of Isparta and another one, flowing from the Karacahisar village of Isparta. The canyon is made of narrow valleys for the distance of 25 km, from the town of Kasimlar to the village of Degirmenozu (Değirmenözü) of Antalya. At this distance, during the flood, it is difficult to pass the river, but in the summer months it is possible to pass it by walk. After passing the Degirmenozu village, the river is flowing in a completely open area, again turning into narrow valleys after a while. This second part continues till the antique bridge of the Koprulu Canyon  . This part of the river is diffucult to cross due to the steep cliffs and is rich of natural beauty.

Located in the Mediterranean region, 85 km north east from the City of Antalya, on the western slopes of the Bozburun mountain, at the foot of it in the north, east and south.The Koprulu Canyon River shapes the eastern border of the park and then continues about 25 km more inside the national park. The height of the park varies between 150 and 1505 m above the sea level (Mount Bozburun). Due to the special natural structure, there are different climatic zones in the park. That is why all the plant  species of the Mediterranean region can be found at the park. The Mediterranean forests with the ecosystems of the high mountains and rivers supply large areas for the wildlife.

At the Koprulu Canyon , while the temperature in the Mediterranean beaches reaches up to 50°C in the summer, you can find yourself in the middle of a green valley, floating on the cool waters of the mountain river, away from the heat at least for a while, resting and rejuvenating your soul. Mountains. Dedegol, the highest peak in this mountain range rises to 2,992 meters. An important city of ancient Pisidia, Altinkaya (Selge), northwest of the Koprulu Canyon National Par k, is reached by a winding mountain road. Now Canyon is very popular for white river Rafting area make is attractive by the tourists in the Antalya Hotels, and everyday a thousands comes and have Boat rafting tours in the Koprulu Canyon (Beskonak) on the region. Connection of Manavgat province with other centers is only maintained by road. Bus companies within province are maintaining transportation to other cities and provinces from Antalya at west and Alanya at east. Bus companies in Manavgat and Side coaching station, are increasing their bus voyages according to tourist number, which increases during summer months. Alternative minibus voyages are organized from province to Manavgat Waterfalls, Side, Sorgun like visitable places.

Koprucay River winds its way down from the Taurus Mountains. Forging its way through a number of striking canyons, the flow is fed by underground springs, becoming a mighty river that eventually empties into the Mediterranean Sea. This river is known around Turkey and the world as a prime rafting spot, and a number of tour operators offer rafting trips and even more adventurous activities among the canyons and gorges. The Koprucay forms the backbone of one of Turkey’s most beautiful recreation areas, enhanced by the scattering of ruins and artefacts along the riverbank. The Koprulu Canyon National Park covers 36,000 hectares, including part of the river. It’s also home to Turkey’s largest forest of Mediterranean Cypresses, which in turn house deer, goats, boars, bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits and a huge variety of birdlife. In the river itself, red speckled trout rub shoulders with the grey mullet.

Koprucay is reached from Antalya via Serik. Those coming from Manavgat can reach Beskonak via Tasagil. The asphalt road to Beskonak follows the Koprucay in various places. Four National Parks and one Natural Park serve on a 79,366 hectare field in Antalya borders. The working area of Antalya National Park Department contains geomorphologic and geologic features along with many matchless beauties, including archaeological and aesthetical characteristics; unique rich plantation cover and animal group, where the most intense tourism activities are carried out in Turkey.

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