National Parks are one of the most important protected area status for both recreation and protection. National Parks attract the people for tourism and recreational activities. That is why to prepare the natural resources management and recreational demand plans are very important in managing the National Parks. There is always a conflict between conservation and demand. But the important instrument is to sustain the equilibrium between nature conservation and recreational demand. Hatila Valley which is 16.900 hectares is in Eastern Black Sea Region and represents all features of Colchic Flora.

Hatila Valley National Park is a branch of the River Coruh (Çoruh), in the province of Artvin. Transport to the park is via a 10 km road from the centre of Artvin.

Different rock types along the valley, although unlikely, almost all of these rocks is the product of volcanism depth. Hatila Valley National Park has a very unusual “V” shape and beautiful waterfalls.  Long ago volcanic and tectonic activity in the area created an amazing and narrow space where some valley slopes are almost vertical. Hatila Valley has geographical characteristics quite unique to Turkey, caused by its unusual geological and geomorphologic structure that has helped to create the beautiful landscape.

Middle and at the mouth of the valley is very rich and dense vegetative cover up an on-site accommodates a wide variety of plant species. Significant feature of this remarkable species in the vegetation, in general, reflect the character of the Mediterranean climate. Therefore, the relict vegetation shows a feature. In addition, there are also those characteristics of plant species are endemic in. This is the number of species in 500 passes. Hatila Valley, contains a rich fauna. The most common species in this fauna, bear, boar, fox, badger, wild goats, martens, hawk, eagle, coyote, mountain grouse, Hopa Viper and trout.

Day visitors and camping in Hatila Valley National Park area are places designated for use. Tents, caravans and facilities accommodate the specific capacities bunglov type is compatible with the natural environment. In addition, Artvin city center, 10 km from the National Park.

Hatila_Valley_National_Park_MapHatila Valley National Park Map