Saklikent National Park is located in Fethiye – Mugla. Saklikent is around 40 km due east of Fethiye and north of Kas. From the south, the national park can be accessed via the Kalkan – Yesilova road leading to the village of Palamut, and from the north via the Kemer road. Saklikent is a Canyon which is unbelievably beatiful and mystic in Turkey. In 1992 the Saklikent Canyon was declared as a National Park.

The Saklikent Canyon

The Saklikent Canyon in Saklikent National Park is 18 km long, 300 meters deep and is steep and narrow. The Saklikent Canyon is longer by 4 km each than the Ihlara Valley in Cappadocia and the Koprulu Canyon in Turkey. After Verdon in France and Vikos in Greece, it is considered to be the third longest canyon in Europe. The Saklikent Gorge also known as “Hidden Valley” or The Lost City. This valley with a stream flowing through the icy waters. Streams of water is really cold. It may take longer to get used to the cold water. This cold water, spring water of the Bey Mountains within the terms of the areas that are eminently valuable is water.

Saklikent_CanyonCanyons are natural formations in every continent, all over the world. Those rich in flora and fauna, with steep slopes of sharp rock and roaring rivers in their depths are truly astounding to observe.

The Saklikent Canyon is walkable after April when most of the snow from the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through the gorge on its way to the Xanthos River.  Summer is the best time to visit as the canyon is deliciously cool and shady with cold water.

The water at the bottom is cold even in summer, because sunlight hardly penetrates, and it is possible to walk through the water, and sometimes on suspended wooden platforms in Saklikent National Park. It is among the canyons that attract the most attention of tourists in Turkey. Approximately 200 – 300 thousand people visit the canyon every year.  There are sixteen caves from Roman times, and it was used for shelter 2000-3000 years ago. Saklikent Canyon has steep slopes.

Be sure to bring submersible shoes as you will sometimes be walking in shallow water or mud. Plastic shoes can also be rented Riverside. However, after a while water goes beyond one’ s height. There start the caves. You can see the bight sky occasionaly. You feel yourself on a different planet among high rocks. You don’t feel the Mediterranean’s distresting heat in Saklikent Canyon. A total of 16 caves have been discovered in the rocks, whereas prehistoric man encountered this place and used it for shelter.

There is 700m. difference in height between the entrance and the exit of Saklikent. While walking through Saklikent Canyon you generally sink deeply into wet clay. On the way you can take a quick shower under small waterfalls.


The flora is composed of red and black pines and cedar in Saklikent National Park. There are tree-houses and motels for accommodation, and restaurants are available. The Saklikent Canyon is suitable for rafting and trekking. Dumanli Mountain (Dumanlıdağ) is known for its attractive landscape of cedars. It is possible to stay in the plateaus of the park, with a reservation, and camping is allowed in specific areas. Otherwise, the nearest accommodation is in the towns of Fethiye or Kas.

There are quite a pleasant trip with boardwalk trails route in Saklikent National Park, on the roads leading to too many businesses are available. Only if this was done eating and drinking in enterprises Saklikent meals can be eaten in restaurants are located. Specifically, feet in the water as cold as ice seats in the restaurant serving fish species is becoming a unique experience to taste. Saklikent National Park’s main feature, developed in 1000-1100 m surface and has a fairly steep valley slopes are formed Saklikent Canyon. Canyon offers a feature Antesedan extending between the two basins. You must be very careful in the canyon. National Parks in the field, giving the name of the National Park and attracts visitors with wild structure Saklikent National Park is worth a visit. In addition, the National Park located in the regions of high altitude plateau with development and social-cultural way of life as well as the natural beauty that nature has to offer visitors with unique values form.

Saklikent Canyon located between two mountains are quite deep canyon. Xsantos a position close to the ancient city is located in this region in the visit Saklikent Canyon excursion program with the inclusion of this ancient city is recommended.

The entrance to Saklikent is by a suspended passageway mounted on to the western wall. The first one or two kilometers can be covered by everyone including the children. However, going deeper into the canyon,  there are more and more obstructions. Further on, one has to climb up with the aid of ropes hanging on the walls at certain points. After a few kilometers it is almost impossible to go any further. However, even a walk of these few kilometers is sufficient to appreciate the unusual beauty of the walls formed by the flowing waters and passageways. While touring in Saklikent National Park, it is necessary to wade in hip-high waters from time to time. In other words, there is a price to pay for visiting such a beautiful location: Getting your clothes and shoes wet. It would be beneficial to take along flippers or rubber shoes for those wishing to go deeper into the canyon. Climbing the top of the canyon could be a pleasant adventure for lovers of trekking.

What to take with you

•Sensible submersible shoes with grip -sea shoes are ideal (though you can hire slip on jelly shoes for a small fee)
•Clothes you don’t mind getting wet
•Camera (in a waterproof bag or case you can carry)
•Bottles of water

Saklikent_National_Park_MapSaklikent National Park Map