Bird Paradise National Park (Manyas Bird Paradise)

Bird Paradise National Park was declared a national park in 1959. Also known as Manyas Bird Paradise. Basic species of tree at the Bird Paradise National Park are willows and tamarisk trees located on the southern and eastern shores of the lake. Alongside all the reeds, rush, and other grasses, hundreds of other species of flowering plants also exist in the marshlands. The lake where fresh water lobster, green frogs, leaping frogs and tree frogs are constantly present, also is the habitat of more than 20 species of fish including bass, pike, mullet, and carp.

Bird Paradise National Park is 20km southwest of Bandirma, and around 50km north of Balikesir, adjacent to Kus lake. The park can be reached via the Balikesir – Bandirma highway.

159_4019kus-17Bird Paradise National Park is a marvel for all bird admirers, also an important stop for migratory birds. It is estimated that there are 246 species of birds visiting the Bird Paradise National Park. The Bird Paradise National Park near the Manyas Lake is a veritable ornithological paradise where 246 species of birds feed.

Detailed information about the birds, and the park in general, is provided in the museum and the administrative building inside the park. Scientific research here requires permission from the park directorate. There is a viewing tower and small museum of stuffed specimens.

Dalmatian pelican and the endangered white-headed duck in the lake  is one of the wintering bird species on a regular basis. The incubation period the number of birds in the Bird Paradise along with the pups reach 15-20 thousand. The visiting hours of Manyas Bird Paradise  is 09:00 to 18:00. Recommended time to visit is April, May, and June to see bird species. In line with the recommendations of the Council of Europe, enabling the monitoring of waterfowl nesting area has been established camera system .

Manyas Bird Lake Management Plan, the format required by the Ramsar Convention and the preparation process was enacted in 2001.

577b266a_243ATManyasGolu14Protection – principles of use in sensitive and participatory process that determines the plan, which is to be carried out improvement works carried out and gather under a scheme aimed to correct the problems in the lake.

Successful execution of the management plan, reached today has been a very big impact on the positive points. Continue to implement the Management Plan is revised.

This national park has received an award of the Class A European certificate from the European Union (EU) , because of its effective and successful protection for bird life.

Nature photography,  rich and diverse bird communities, natural plant communities, bird watching (Ornithology).

Bird Life and Migration
At the end of the winter the level of water in Manyas Lake rises, which cover the small willow grove and reed beds at the northwest of the lake. By spring, migrating birds fly from the southern regions to the national park and nest, so their young are hatching and growing in the area. At the end of summer, they return to the warmer south. This area is a popular migrating spot for birds from Europe and Asia, who fly here for the nourishment of the lake water, making it a world famous bird watching area. More than 3 million birds pass through this conservation area every year.

Manyas Lake
Manyas Lake, which is reached by turning off at 16th kilometers down Bandirma – Balikesir highway and proceeding for 2 km towards the west, is very rich from the point of view of bird fauna, both local and migratory. Manyas Lake is also home to extremely rare species, has observation towers, lakeside restaurants and picnic areas.

Area Profile
Regional Office: 3rd District (Canakkale), Province: Balikesir, Town(s): Bandirma, Manyas, Coverage Area: 17.058 Hectares, Coordinates: 40°13’55.02” N – 28°02’24.15” E, Height: 20 m.

Manyas Bird Paradise is the smallest of the national parks in Turkey. Despite its small size, Manyas Bird Paradise is one of  most visited  national parks.


Bird_Paradise_National_Park_MapBird Paradise National Park Map