Aegean’s Hidden Treasure: Akyaka

Akyaka is a beautiful and beautiful seaside town in the Ula district of Muğla. Located in the middle of the road connecting Marmaris and Muğla, Akyaka promises a wonderful holiday to its visitors with its virgin nature.

The place where time stops

This small, quiet town; It is an escape place for those who are bored with the chaos of life and want to stop and rest. Sea, sun, history, nature evokes the feeling of heaven to the human Akyaka, one side of the River Romp, is perhaps one of Turkey’s most beautiful places on the other side of the Gulf of Gokova. In these lands, which are believed to have been settled since ancient times, Akyaka has existed as a small fishing village that has been kept out of sight until recently. The “discovery” of Akyaka dates back to the 1970s. In those years, a very small-scale tourism activity started. Visitors from the surrounding provinces and districts, and those who fled from the big cities, flocked to the virgin nature of Akyaka, the sweet breeze that never stopped in summer, and gradually started building summer houses and touristic facilities in Akyaka. And in the end, with the tourism boom in the 1980s, Akyaka had an explosion and took the look of today’s “tourist town”.

Natural aquarium: Azmak Creek

Pouring into Gökova Bay, famous for its natural beauties, Azmak Creek opens the doors of a magical world to its visitors with its natural aquarium appearance. The temperature of the water of the stream, whose depth is up to 8 meters, is around 10 degrees in summer and winter. Tens of animal species, from otters to sea turtles, and tourists visiting the creek, which hosts different types of plants, some of which grow in tropical climates, have the opportunity to see these plants and animal species. In addition, the reputation of the restaurants located along the creeks creek fishing is spread all over Turkey. Sakartepe, in the north of Akyaka, is cut out for paragliders.

Environmentally conscious structures

Although it is a place discovered by tourists today, there is no crowd that strangles people in Akyaka. In this paradise corner, there is a calmness and a peaceful atmosphere. It is as if time has stopped in Akyaka. Its architecture is naive, like its nature, Akyaka. This environmentally friendly local architecture has given the town a unique identity. These traditional structures dominated by wood are in harmony with green and blue.

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